Martini Monday, Raspberry Chocolate Dream

MartiniMondayLogoI hope everyone is having a wonderful summer so far!   Now that Autumn Moon is complete I’m working on my next novel in a different series.  This one has a contemporary setting. Martinis are on the menu, along with a bit of suspense, a spunky heroine, and of course,  a toe-curling hero.

For the next year I will be sharing martini recipes on the first Monday of every month–because why should  Fridays get all the fun?  Twelve recipes, fully tested by adventurous friends and family members, beginning with  Raspberry Chocolate Dream.

Happy Martini Monday!


The inspiration for Raspberry Chocolate Dream:

So, I came up with this recipe by accident when I boiled raspberries for a dessert and they liquefied in the pan. What didn’t work for pastry works like a dream in martinis–hence the name. 🙂 First, you need to splurge on the good stuff–no plastic bottles allowed!  There’s no amount of raspberry sauce that will make these drinks taste good if you don’t.  The price can be  cringe worthy, but average that out with   ordering drinks with friends at your favorite restaurant/bar/lounge and you’ll feel better about the splurge. Also, and this should go without saying–but I’m going to say it anyway–you must be of drinking age in your country to try these!


ChocolateRaspberryDreamIngredientsWhat you’ll need:

~ a twelve ounce bag of frozen raspberries
~ 1/4 cup sugar
~ 4 cups of water
~ Chambord (raspberry liquor)
~ Vodka (Grey Goose is decent)
~ Crème de Cacao (I tried using Godiva but it curdled when combined with raspberries)
~ chocolate sauce (Ghirardelli syrup works great)
~ a  shaker filled with ice  and martini glasses



For the raspberry compote, add the frozen raspberries, sugar and water in a pan and bring to a boil.  Simmer for fifteen minutes until the berries liquefy and the seeds separate.  Cool and strain into a container.  Discard pulp.  I run the raspberry liquid through the strainer a few times just to make sure I’ve removed all the seeds.  Keep refrigerated until you’re ready to make the martinis.




Raspberry Chocolate Dream Martini Recipe:

1. Prep your glasses
Squeeze a  few circles of   chocolate sauce around cooled martini glasses

2. Prep your martini

~ 2 ounces of raspberry compote
~ 1 ounce of vodka
~ 1 ounce of Chambord

Combine in an ice-filled shaker; give it a good shake and strain   into glass.

~ top with a shot of Crème de Cacao


The next martini recipes I’m testing are strawberry rhubarb and caramel apple, so be sure to stop by the first Monday in August to see which one comes out best!

As always, I hope you’re reading something just for fun!

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