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First, I need to thank everyone who read my Celtic Wolves series!  You have made my writing debut a wonderful experience, and your enthusiasm and curiosity about future books has been truly heartwarming!  The characters are still calling to me, and I do plan to write more books in the series.  I have committed to a new series and once I finish the first book, I do plan  to return to the Celtic Wolves.  My new series is contemporary romance with suspense elements, but with a strong emphasis on the romance. I’m truly sorry for the delay in the Celtic Wolves series.  I don’t know when future books will be published at this point.  I promise to post it on my website once I have decisive news to share!

With that said, I will leave you with evidence that these Celtic characters are still calling to my muse.  I don’t paint often, but when I do it’s because an image calls to me so strongly that I’m forced to recreate it on canvas just to get it out of my head.  Saran, Maelorwen’s daughter, inspired  me more than any subject has since my days as an art student—and that’s going back quite a ways.  For those of you who haven’t read Autumn Moon, Saran was the only new character I added, but she was a compelling one.  When a character has this strong of a hold on my muse—I know her story needs to be written.  Just to be clear, Saran may or may not be the lead protagonist in the next book.  Like Cormack, she needs time to mature as a human.  I’m not going to share who the next couple is yet until I spend some time  with them and like the direction their story is going.  I will tell you that I intend to dedicate the time needed to make this the best book yet!

Until then, I may be a bit lax on my social media pages as I hunker down to finish my current book.

As always, I hope you’re reading something just for fun!



Maelorwen"s Daughter Art Print

Title: Maelorwen’s Daughter

“May you dream of first kisses until the sun chases away the moon.”

12 Responses to Future Celtic Wolves Books

  • LOVING your Celtic series, please write more. Porter and his story should definitely be a book. Strong characters and specific definitions, great work!

  • I really enjoyed your Celtic Wolves series. Reminded me of discovering Anne McCaffrey. Looking forward to more stories.

  • I enjoyed reading the books, I even took the time to vebally translate your Autumn books to my cousins who only read Spanish. We’re all clamoring for more.

  • I have enjoyed the Celtic Wolf series I read them over and over and can’t wait for you to publish more such strong characters. You can almost visualize the woods and nature the magic that is created by our Earth I hope to hear more of Sophie and Joseph and Potter ,Dylan meringue and lac Andros and their newborn baby you are a great writer and I hope to hear more thank you

    • Thank you so much, Amanda! I had a lot of inspiration with the nature from my home state. Maine still has many forests that remain remote and preserved and those areas were a wonderful muse for the magic and characters of my series. It still calls to me to write more, so one never knows what the future might hold. 😉

  • Luc and Rosa’s please forgive the misspelling

  • Starting my first re-read of your celtic wolves series, love them and hope more will be coming to continue the series. Thank you for a great read!

    • Thank you so much! 🙂 There are two characters in particular who are really calling for their own story, so there is a strong possibility I will be returning to the Celtic Wolves once I finish my current project. I’m not sure how or when it will be published when I do, but I promise to post it on my website once I know for sure it’s happening. Thanks again!!!!

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