Cottage Garden Autumn


Autumn has arrived in my cottage garden, along with a new addition to the family. Mason, our baby English bulldog, has brought a lot of joy into our home. He is a rascal, that’s for sure. He was simply too thrilled that I opened the elusive garden gate to sit still for this photo. This section of our yard has poison ivy in the woods, hence the reason I keep this particular gate closed. We do need contact a Smyrna, GA Tree Company because some of the old trees need to come out to give the new trees a chance to grow. Anyway, I managed to get one photo that wasn’t blurred at least.

This is my favorite time of year, but it’s also nostalgic in many ways as preparations begin for winter and the days become shorter. I’ve been thinking of getting some new outdoor garden furniture but I think it might have to wait until next season. Frost arrived yesterday and the perennials in my garden have begun to die back. It’s those cool nights and warm days that turn our maple leaves glorious shades of red. While the leaves may look beautiful, they can be a real nuisance when they start clogging up the cottage’s guttering. It starts to look pretty unsightly when it builds up, but services like Clean Pro Gutter Cleaning Long Island can help to clear the blocked debris which also helps to prevent future water damage that could occur if left unaddressed. Nature is such an extraordinary thing, and as one season passes I like to remember the last. I love spending time in my garden, but as the nights start to draw in it can be difficult to sit outside for long. One of my friends lives in Norway and has just bought a Lyktstolpe (lamp-post) for her garden so that she can sit outside in the evenings. Maybe I’ll have to invest in some garden lighting too, especially now I’ve got a dog to keep my eye on.

Anyway, as promised, I’ve put together a photo tour of my cottage garden this season, a scrapbook of sorts, and a simple reminder that spring is just a winter away…



These yellow tea roses and black-eyed susans are new additions this year. My husband keeps telling me there’s no room for more flowers, but I always manage to find some.


The Frog Prince guarding the nasturtiums.


The best tomato cages EVER! I will try to post the pattern before next spring.


I fell in love with impatiens this year.

Welcome to my cottage garden. This is my favorite gate entrance

Welcome to my cottage garden. This is my favorite gate entrance.

This is just a little nook in my garden. I hope the clematis will climb the trellis eventually, but it's taking its time.

A favorite garden nook.

A hare that often visits my garden.

A hare that often visits my garden.


Sunlight through a maple tree in my yard.


Every year I have wildlife visitors in my garden and butterflies seem to love the hanging pots of lobelia.


This little creature reminds me of how magical a garden can be. It’s a clearwing hummingbird moth and they are not intimated by humans. This one landed on my hand and had no problem posing for the camera.


The pixie house, inspired by Ms. Hafwen, a character in my Celtic Wolves series, continues to survive our Maine winters.

Brynmor cottage received a few upgrades this year, with a light in the turret and a wreath on the door.

Brynmor Cottage received a few upgrades this year, with a light in the turret and a wreath on the door.


Well, that’s the end of the garden tour, but I will leave you with a few pictures of our new addition. Meet Mason, our new English bulldog. He is so sweet, and Willow is adjusting well to her little brother.


If you can’t read Willow’s expression, I will translate: “Really? This is a joke, right?”


Mason is learning my writing routine and he seems to like my office just fine. 🙂


And then it’s snuggle time.


As always, I hope you’re reading something just for fun!
Happy Autumn,

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