Coastal Magic Convention 2016

Literary Escapism Feature: Elen and Cormack at the Beach

JanDeLimaGiveaway_LiteraryEscapsimLast year I attended the Coastal Magic Convention and met so many wonderful authors, bloggers and readers. I had such a fun time and managed to get so many amazing photos for my Instagram profile. Honestly, I got to meet so many people that I had only ever seen on social media so it was brilliant to finally meet everyone in person. I am going again in February 2016. For more information about this wonderful convention just follow the link below to their website…

Coastal Magic Convention

Literary Escapism is also going to be there, and they are doing a fun series for the conference on their blog. I’ve been invited along with other featured authors to write an excerpt of my characters at the beach. Autumn Moon, book 3 in my Celtic Wolves series is available September 29, 2015! I thought Elen and Cormack could use a little vacation–because I did put this couple through a lot in Autumn Moon. You can read an exclusive excerpt on Literary Escapism’s website and enter a gift box giveaway that includes signed copies of Celtic Moon and Summer Moon (books 1 & 2), swag, and an Amazon gift card.

Just a minor spoiler alert: This excerpt takes place after Autumn Moon.

Just click on the following graphic and/or link to read excerpt and enter the gift box giveaway…

Literary Escapism Feature: Elen and Cormack at the Beach


I will leave you with a few photos of Daytona Beach!

I took these photos to post on my Instagram page and I am so happy with them.

You see, recently, I have been trying to grow my Instagram following. As an author, your Instagram page is a fantastic way for your readers to get to know you a little bit better.

So far, I have had so many lovely conversations with readers from all over the world. It really is fantastic that social media can bring us all together. In fact, I am already planning a few Instagram live Q and A sessions over the next few months where I will be answering questions from my readers and teasing my next book so stay tuned to find out more!

I really like spending time interacting with my readers on Instagram. Some of my readers even send me photos when they are reading my book. There is such a heartwarming community of book-loving people on Instagram, I strongly recommend that you give me a follow and get involved.

From a marketing perspective, Instagram really is great for authors in that it allows us to interact with our readers in so many fun ways. Building a following is not always easy though, which is why some people use Instagram marketing tools to give their follower counts a boost. Moreover, Nitreo helps you get more instagram followers so do check out their website if you would like to learn more about this.

Anyway, Instagram to one side for now, Coastal Magic has become one of my favorite conventions. Not only is it a fantastic opportunity to hit the beach, but it’s very relaxed and focuses on what we all love… books, reading, and discussions about our favorite romance and paranormal genres. Now doesn’t that sound fun?

Also, it has actually been far too long since I last went on vacation, so attending this convention was a much-needed break. Plus, I even got to attend a really cool yoga class that I had been looking forward to! Honestly, if you have not tried beachfront yoga before I cannot recommend it enough.

I have been on a big fitness journey over the past few months and although it has not been easy, I feel so much happier now that I have finally found a form of exercise that I enjoy. Yoga had always been something that I wanted to try, so when my best friend invited me to one of her classes I simply had to see what all the fuss was about.

My friend is actually training to be a yoga instructor at the moment. Apparently, if you want to complete a yoga certification chicago is the place to be so she has been teaching a few small classes.

To cut a very long story short, I have been going to yoga classes a couple of times a week for quite a while now and I already feel a difference! Not only are my muscles less achy, but I feel much more toned, and I find it easier to relax.

All of this has had a huge impact on my writing too. Quite a few writers I know like yoga as it is a fantastic way to clear your mind before working on a big project. Needless to say, my newfound love for yoga has definitely inspired me to get writing again.

I might even have to sign up for a yoga retreat in the future!

How do you like to keep fit? Would you ever give yoga a try? Let me know if so as I would love to hear from you.

Oh, and if ever you get the opportunity, please give beachfront yoga a try! You will love it and the fresh air is so good for you!

Hope to see you at the beach in February!