Often times my characters come to me in images, perhaps because I was an artist before becoming a writer, but that’s just how my imagination works.  Luc Black, the Beast of Merin, is a main character in Summer Moon, the second book of the Celtic Wolves Series, and Koko was his human wife, now deceased.  Koko became very real to me when I began writing Luc’s story.  I felt compelled to create a journal in her voice with illustrations that she might have drawn.  {continue reading below}


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As a brief summary of Koko’s character, I will share that her family was one of the first Romani settlers in Maine.  She lived from late 1800 to mid-1900, and was married to Luc for over fifty years.  Her name is an abbreviated version of kokokhas, which means owl in Abenaki, the language of our local Native Americans.  The gypsies were known to trade goods with the Abenaki, and the nickname was given to Koko as an infant because of her dark coloring and her large golden eyes.  Koko’s mother liked the name and kept it.  Luc still tattoos owls on his body in honor of his late wife.  Koko was also an artist (and a much better one than the author who created her) who chose anonymity for love.


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