Summer Moon Cover(click to view larger)

Cover illustration by Gordon Crabb
Cover design by Diana Kolsky

Summer Moon Interior Art Poster(click to view larger)

Interior Art Poster


The interior artwork that appears in Summer Moon, the second book of the Celtic Wolves Series, was drawn by me (the author) using an assortment of mixed media, mainly colored pencils and watercolors. I am beyond excited that my editor and publishing house (ACE/Penguin) decided to include my artwork, and I cannot thank these wonderful people enough for all the extra work they put into the final printed book.

Summer Moon Art


Also, I must credit the amazing photographers of the owl and the wolf that I used for inspiration for two of my paintings.  Animals in motion are difficult to capture correctly from memory, at least for me, and I needed models for my drawings.  Full extended licenses were purchased to use the following royalty free photographs through Shutterstock.

Wolfphoto credit: Holly Kuchere

Owlphoto credit: Maria Gaellman



Some of my paintings, like the ones in the glossary, are inspired by illuminated manuscripts, while the rest are purely from my imagination


On a fun note, Ms. Hafwen, the winter wren, nested near my backyard and often perches on the pixie house in my shade garden, though she flies away as soon as I sneak around the corner with a camera.  I see her often enough to draw her.  One day, maybe, she will let me take a picture.

All my best,
JanMs. Hafwen